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Venturing into new territory- Introducing @letsponderinhorrorlandwithkay

Good evening ponderers!!!!

Touching base with ya!!! Wanted to show what I’m working on- as well as what has been keeping me from the blog. Thank you for the consistency- thank you all for signing up, thank you for your comments, and thank you for even caring!!!!

@letsponderinhorrorlandwithkay is a passion project that I’m working on and it’s fabulous. It’s a horror genre based platform that I created to discuss films of the horror genre. They are my favorite and it’s a pleasure to inform and share my knowledge on this. I’ve been doing this for many years amongst family and friends.

Most of y’all know that I’m fluent on this. So why not tap into it??

With the will of God, tomorrow I will be back to the normal scheduled programming. I received a request to speak about marriage related issues and I will fulfill that request.

Until then,

Kay. 💖

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