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Good evening ponderers!

Welcome to Krisinda’s place! I’m in a pleasant mood tonight and I thank God for that!! Going back to my initial post, I was speaking of a decision that I was thinking of making at that time, which was choosing corporate over freelance. I still have to work, lol. I’m sure y’all all understand that. So basically corporate is winning right now…

But this is my career, I’m no longer just working at a “job”.

During the interim, I’ve made some remarkable discoveries. One of them is that I can‘t dedicate myself to freelance the way I’d like to right now. However, I will not abandon my desires to create more content. All plans are still in existence- I was blessed with a better opportunity to do more and explore more “life”, if you will. So just with that mindset even with limited time the content will continue to be created. I’m deciding to expand on the subject matter in the blog. Understanding will be had soon. I’d like to have engaging content with the means to communicate to my subscribers and visitors. That was the goal with creating the blog in the first place. It’s time to start counting my blessings and this is one of many. Oddly, although my time is more limited, I feel more inspired to write. Posts will include more dialogue on mental health, self help, fashion, finance, hot topics, real estate, relationship/men 😒 and whatever else is on my mind. This is my own digital journal that I’ve decided to share with you all. Thank you for the visitors from across the pond, from London, to DR. You humble me and I’m grateful for your time. Next post, we’re diving into direct subject matter. We’re starting with finance/credit. I’ve made some remarkable discoveries this past year, relating to earning and capitalizing on the coins- anything worth mentioning, I’d like to share. I‘m excited, and eager to share with you all!!

I’m rebuking ALL writer’s block in Jesus’s name! Amen!

Talk to y’all soon!


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