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The fashion chose me.

First, I’d like to apologize for this post being so late, as in far away from the previous post. Life be lifeing…

From the tone of the last post, y’all probably could discern that I’m going for what I feel will bring me a bit of happiness. I feel that I have material to contribute in the art of freelance fashion. I don’t foresee this being something that will be simple, however I’ve BEEN making moves to change into this territory. Honestly, shopping/ fashions make me feel less stressed in the moment. I’m sure many people can relate to that. At this point, creating an avenue for myself, to show something that I like that also decreases my stress just makes sense to me right now. The world is saturated in complete madness, I’ve been drowning in it and quite honestly, I’m a bit tired of it. Doesn’t change the status, but there’s other things to do when something is obviously causing stress. Notice how much I use the word “stress“. I’m on an anti stress wave right now. Fits are easy for me, but we’ll get more into that shortly.

I’m pleased to show what I can put together. The wheels are already moving and I’m just happy to get started!

I‘m at peace with what I’ve created already, and looking forward to inspire!

Welcome to a part of my creative side that I’m so pleased to share. See you all there soon! Posting again tomorrow, I have an interesting story to tell y’all!!!! Stay tuned, this is gonna be interesting!

God willing, we’ll chat tomorrow. Have a blessed one!


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