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Taming the beast

OMG, I have been tried and tested. One thing I know that is tried and true is that when things are out of sync and you’re operating in faith and your back is against the wall in between two mountains- YOURE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE WHAT I CALL A BREAKTHROUGH. I would like to give you details, but I decided to write a novel, I’ll explain things that I went through, through another character. LIFE all spectrums, career, family, spouse, personal none of it is fair. Despite your best efforts, none of it is recognized. I speak for me and my peers when I say that. However, I have to hold myself accountable for forcing things that should have been let go. So now I’m paying for my past sins. Example: I have a 21 year old daughter that lives with me- which is fine, but the problem is that she doesn’t respect my virtue. I’m a woman correcting a lot of wrongs in my own household- not to mention my other family’s issues. Daughter has her own room, own car, and she has a job. I wanna express the positives first so that you understand the intention of me mentioning her. When I was 21 I had her already, I was in school, I was working overnight and I also had a car, but I didn’t have my own room, which was something that I desired with all of my heart. I got it when I was 27. Now, living in your mother’s house when she doesn’t ask you for anything is a privilege- when you make no efforts to clean your disgusting room, that’s an insult, especially when you own an animal that destroys electronics on a mass scale— laptop chargers/ flat irons/ random other device chargers/ neglect towards the animal no consistent schedule with cleaning or tending to the cage that the animal lives in- it creates an odor. It is now the summertime. Odors disgust me, especially ones that exist in my own house that my daughter is supposed to tend to because the animal is yours. It’s weird. Theres never any movement to clean your room, there’s never any movement to do the dishes, there’s never any movement to sweep the floor, to dust a table. Never any movement to say, let me pay a bill, let me buy groceries, I don’t ask for anything EXCEPT to keep

your room clean. This is part of why I feel pressed against the wall. This is existing in my own “home”. this is only 1/4 of the tribulation that I deal with. For me, the solution would be to tell the daughter to get off of her phone- get up and clean up your room, get rid of the animal or clean up after it.

Im beyond tired of the same issues. I raised my daughter completely differently than what she is presenting as. I could never exist in my mother’s house with nothing to contribute and being lazy too. I would’ve been beat up, and I would’ve deserved every minute of it.

My family sees the hard work that I do to change the location of my home. Seems to me that no one cares.

If no one cares, than I don’t care either.

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