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Long time no speak!!

Good evening ponderers!!!!

What's been up with ya????

Me???? Turned 40!!!!!!! Totally blessed to have done that!!!!

Learned and continuing to learn well needed lessons.

Been single for 7 months!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!

The clarity and calmness is uncanny.

Really seeing that I can do things with the help and grace of God and myself!!!

Decided to go back to corporate- got an exceptional salary increase and commute is close to home.

Recalibrating my mind again to get into the creative part--- my life is so boring without it.

I'm transparent with the way I'm feeling and that's not gonna change. Much better than the last time I posted. Lost a friend that I never expected to lose. The solid stayed that way. A random ally came and showed up for me- someone that people wanted me to hate so bad.

The ones that I lost became more lost and the disappointment is so palpable.

But on the flip side--- life became better financially. It will only become better I'm on what I call "viking time". Reminds me of how I was after the immediate loss of my dad minus the profound grief.

Decided to work on some things in private.

Realizing that I will need to make some changes to live a sane life.

Honestly, this is a lot, which is why I decided to put off writing. But I'm back. Working on a knack-- but as it stands this is a lifestyle blog. I will be speaking on my lifestyle- current events- hot topics- family- career- business- fashion- love- and disappointments.

Goal is growth. Something's are not mine to tell but what I believe my ponders are needing/ wanting to hear I will tell.

This is an introductory post- I will be back with some real talk.

Until then stay tuned.

PS thank you for all that have been consistent.

Peace and love,

Kay. 🫶🏽

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