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Lesson of the day 1.29.2023: Match Energy

Sup!!!! Happy New Year!!!

I know I said that I would make this more niche oriented.... yeah sue me.

Listen, human nature is what it is and some are tolerant to it and others are less tolerant. To each their own.

I'm a tolerant person, but I realize I'm coming up on a cap with a few. I'm starting to be present in the memories of when I was not tolerated- when I needed help and was ignored. There was even a point where I did something that anyone that knows me would never believe.... I'd be cold, stiff and rotten in a grave with my kids asking why because I was overwhelmed- looking for someone to say, Krisinda are you ok? I wanted someone yo realize that I was suffering and they ignored me- even when I came and told them to their face. Fuck you person. I forgive you, but you're a bitch for that. With that, please understand, people may not possess the bandwidth- even the ones that you think you know. Throughout the years, it was easier for me to respond to people with kindness- for one, you don't want to end up in an altercation-- depending on who it is, you want people to remember your kindness and see that you don't respond like many others, and for me it was just a natural innate response to poor behavior, communication and energy.

I've decided that moving forward this way will be an error on my part.

I've never been one that will uphold myself in wrong- it's just not logic based. You can't progress that way either.

People associating with me with bad energy, know that I'm turning my back on you. I will never dishonor myself or waste my breath trying to explain to you why you're reacting in bad behavior, whether that be lying (omission), nasty emotions, arguing, nothing... I'm done.

This was a small rant, but this is a teachable moment. Please don't engage with people in their bad energy- even in the beginning or a friendship or a relationship. It won't end well.

Promise to reconsider rants before I post them. But I can't make any promises!!!!

Until next time ponderers.....

-Kay the killa

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