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Hit dogs do holla

Sup ponderers,

Listen, never ever give life to a situation that you had made your peace with already. People want to take accountability for things they had nothing to do with. Let’s speak hypothetically, you know that someone was involved with your significant other, they admit to it and you keep it pushing—- no love lost there. After further inspection you realize that they’re trying to sneak diss— don’t do that. Your face looks like the crack of an ass… humble yourself. Plus you’re an opp that doesn’t abide by the code- so what’s the point on trying to make things worse?? You want something from me?? I asked you a question, so now you wanna retract your statement- or clean it up because you could’ve handled the situation differently. It’s ok, when a nigga looks like a dollar sign, weak bitches disrespect the code.

So now, you’re trying to give yourself relevance that I will never give you- I didn’t do it then and I didn’t do it now… but you’re still bothered. You’re gonna be dealt with or you’re gonna be forced to close your mouth speaking on me. My pedigree is different- I never messed with anyone from my husband’s neighborhood or anyone near his circle- ever.

I‘ve been dealing with a lot in silence y’all… a lot. I’m feeling like people are taking my kindness for a joke. I don’t tend to like that, especially with all the unworthy L‘s that I’ve had to take.

So the resolve for me is this… I don’t see you the same, you are in opposition to everything that I confided in you with. Youre on the other side of the door. I don’t even know you. The new thing is that I selected the wrong person- imagine spending half of your life with someone that’ll say something like that to you. It’s an outer body experience… I’ve participated in some of the less favorable things that I did. But I’m not about to cave and lie about things that I did do. Begging never suited me, and I will never do it.

In life for me, you work so that your children don’t have to go through the things that you did. It’s your family—- NOT someone else’s… you do what’s appropriate to elevate. You teaching one thing and living another way is weird— and I say that politely.

In closing, dealing with people is going to be on my terms— I’m not compromising what I want, when you’re out of line, you will be put back in line, and my tolerance is low for habitual code breaking, you dishonor yourself and I will treat you with dishonor. Take what’s owed to you, niggas don’t respect you when you go easy on them.

With that I do bid you farewell.

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