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Drawing conclusions finally. Corporate versus freelance


Let’s chat for a bit...

Okay, in a nutshell, I have an okay job. This day in age, it’s a blessing to even have a job. I believe in yesterday’s post I mentioned that I work in a hospital. I’m not even going to get into the details regarding the climate for hospital workers right now. I’ve been employed by this hospital since 2017, I have my own office, it’s quiet, the workload is consistent and I love that there is minimal drama; an ok position to have in my opinion. You may think there’s not much reason to complain, but we’ll keep it cute and stay with it being ok. I’ve grown tired of just “ok”. SOOOO 2017. So the thing is I have a little following or influence at the job doing something that’s pretty organic for me, fashion. Several people interact with me solely based on what I have on. Complements and questions and the such. It didn’t really occur to me that I was being remembered for my style until one year, I wore pink 80% of the time and I had a staple pant from Zara, pink with ruffles. Those brought in tons of attention. NOTE: All attention related to fashion is not good attention. I had a weird admirer. *Mental note: discuss this more in another post.

Groups of people were calling me the pink lady and if I wore another color they called themselves being mad at me for breaking my own code. 😝 It was actually just a pink moment.

My work wardrobe IS lit, but I just do me. I understand my body type and I like to look tailored. Any human on this earth could benefit from those basic rules of thumb. *I knew I was kinda fire when sis put a Chanel broach on her frumpy uniform one day after I had worn mine on a lapel* It’s actually not as adventurous as it sounds— you had to be there. I don’t keep my monochromatic outfits in my mind and say, oh I’m gonna crush them today with this one. I just put on what looks fab and Makes me feel strong.

Actually, when I first got hired I had aspirations to become an administrator for a couple of departments and I told myself that I’d dress like one. I remember hearing administration complaining about a casual dressing administrator. I never wanted to be known as the one that didn’t show up as professional. Plus you’re supposed to dress for the position that you want, right? The position that I’m in now is not rewarding at all and sometimes the metric charts give me a headache. I often wonder how other managers don’t take issue with their low metrics. No longer a question that I’d ask because I just don’t think my answer(s) would be productive. Getting back on topic, me In the fashion is what created the following. I‘m looking to build on that through freelance and technology. The thought of being paid to do something that I do naturally for my own comfort is exhilarating. Can I actually be paid for showing my flair for fashion? The answer is yes. The fashion helped create influence and the influence is in the building. What can I do to monetize that??? I will answer this question next post and wrap up this topic. Thanks for reading and the support. -Kay

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