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Do the right thing

Good evening ponderers,

It’s late, so I just wanted to leave an encouraging word… Human nature is peculiar. I realize in all types of relationships, people desire to be “right”. The more and more that I practice communication, I find that people will fight even when they’re wrong to express the ”right” in it. Allow it… Don’t fight it. People are so troubled that they recall a wrong to have been right or appropriate. Leave it alone. Express your perception the way it makes sense to you- if you feel that strong increase in your heart rate along with the dizziness and heat in your head, chances are the person you’re receiving the information from is wrong. They are living in the wrong, they are trying to deceive you and their presence offends you. Make your peace with these people or if you have the luxury, remove yourself from them.

When you are wrong, you will know, you’ll feel the presence of doubt before you speak it. Apologize and ask for forgiveness. Sis, I promise this will make your life so much easier. Especially towards the ones that walk around “wrong and strong“. I’ve never been so high and mighty that I cannot apologize for offending, hurting and whatever other wrongdoing that I’ve participated in. Not everyone is like me though. You may find yourself in a position like me where you feel tired of people, especially when you see them for who they really are. Show them grace, nevertheless.

This writing is healing for me, there are so many situations in my life where I find that people lie to my face, people make claims and they are all corrupt. I choose to forgive because I want to be forgiven, and I‘m not perfect. In the end, it’s easier to sleep at night. Stay valid to you reasoning, people will deny anything and everything for the sake of being “right” once you learn this about someone expect them to be who they are, it is the nature of a snake to strangle and kill before it eats, so why would you expect it to change for you? I believe this has encouraged somebody tonight! Anyway, keep an open heart, don’t give up and do the right thing. Communicate your issues and ask God to help with the rest.

Next post I wanna talk about the late Kevin Samuels. Should be interesting- if it is we’ll start opening forums.

God bless y’all and goodnight for now.


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