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Blogging under stress- Finally staying on target


Hey, I apologize that I haven‘t been as frequent as I should be with my baby (this blog). I’m just gonna take a moment to mention a few things. Hopefully, this will bring some clarity to someone’s mind and help them move differently than me. Im not a pubic talker regarding my stress when I’m dealing with it. I do have some that I talk to, but I tend to sit in it and create solutions. Or even sometimes wait until the issues come out of crisis mode where I can take a breath and speak with a clear head. Thank you all that have all subscribed to me, thank you for coming to visit me, thank you for it all. The information or dialogue I should say here is FREE. And I’m ok with my honestly. At a point, I’d like to talk and get opinions about how we all tackle our everyday stresses, but that’s down the line. Now that’s cleared up, we’re getting into the fashions. I’m not one that likes to follow trends all that much but anyone that knows me can say, girl stop yes you do. I wanna talk boots right now because it makes sense, we’re in boot weather, and who doesn’t love a good looking and/or practical (or even non practical) boot?

Here’s some that have my attention. Oddly, mostly all of these are on trend. 🙄

Here are some of my picks.

Doc Marten “Jarden” boot $200.00 (White pair)

I have recently picked up a pair of docs, you cannot go wrong. This boot is gonna last you for a while. You’ll get more than your money’s worth out of them. Jarden’s are available in black and white. White boots are making a comeback now, this particular boot isn’t for me— but docs are great. The price point is also manageable for my budget. I don’t know about anyone else, I’m speaking on me. 😬 They’re available at

As well as many other boutiques and stores.

Steve Madden (Unfortunately I don’t know the name of this boot) $79.95

These are definitely on trend right now and I think they’re worthy of the praise. I don’t have them yet. Price point is decent for me.

I plan on changing that today. These are made by Steve Madden and also come in black. I’ve seen MANY different brands duplicate this look. What makes these stand out is the sole. I haven’t seen the patent material with a matching sole without strings. For me, this fits my aesthetic easily. I’ve really been into the monochromatic moment and I can wear these with a nude sweat suit or even some jeans and a knit. Available at Steve

Bottega Veneta “Flash“ boot $1,280.00

These are also on trend right now. Intially, I didn’t see the appeal in these boots at all. I was hooked by an influencer’s take on how to style this boot and just continue to move on at first. I figured they weren’t for me. With a price point like this, you have to consider what is the life of this item for me in my wardrobe? Will these come out for wears next season? Well, I got them. They come in a few different variations. This version and a below the knee version. The variation of colors are quite peculiar— but it’s trend— I call this one Kelly green, a pink and a aqua blue. Let’s see what I do with them. I’m sure no one will be disappointed. Now if y’all want to give them a try, I find them to be a bit heavy, but what did I expect with a platform like this…? You can pick these up at

Louis Vuitton “LV Beaubourg ankle boot” $1,510.00

I have a love hate relationship with LV. I have the most items in this brand, but some of them don’t live up to the hype. I’m sure y’all know what I’m saying- hint: canvas coated bags. However, these boots are classic. I’m sorry, you can do no wrong in this style. Theres just the right amount of logo where you don’t feel like you’re selling your life energy for the benefit of this brand. When they can give two spits about our opinions. Ask me how I know. 😒 These and the LV oxfords, I believe they‘re called “LV Beaubourg platform derby” give me what I like to see in a luxury item. For these, NOT to be confused with the products I mentioned above show craftsmanship. They’ll set you back over a rack, but hey live a little. Lol.

Tory Burch “Miller mixed materials lug sole boot” $458 (sold at Nordstrom for about $250)

These are my FAVORITE. I have them, they’re in HEAVY rotation and I have nothing negative to say about ANYTHING that I’ve ever purchased from TB. She always exceeds my expectations and for a contemporary brand, she can give LV a run for their coins. That’s just me. They come in a green color and they used to have black. I don’t think they’re in rotation currentLu. The boutiques have great customer service and the products LAST. Especially bags and shoes.

This is close to my color palate of clothing that I’m wearing currently abs they’re just it for me.

All I wanna say now is that y’all will see me around now!

Thanks for dealing with my “writer’s block”

Oh, and if there’s any topic of discussion that you may desire for me to post, email me at We can do a Q&A or something!

Have a blessed day!

Happy Veteran‘s Day to my dad, the late great Victor G. Foster.

I miss you dad, come and see me in a dream. 😓

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