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Betrayal HS edition!!!

Updated: Feb 19

What's up ponderers...

I was thinking back to how I used to handle things, how did I handle things that made me uncomfortable with grace and dignity?? Am I really THAT gracious?? Yes, yes I am.

Well, let me take you back to 1999....

We're starting earlier, but that's the year where it went down.

So I had a boyfriend- he was a kiddie boyfriend at first, but for some reason no matter how much I dodged him he always came back to me. Sending messages through people even while we were in different schools. It was flattering to say the least. We both were beautiful people- he was more into flexing his, I was just like hey what's up- but don't get me wrong I did have my privileges. So off and on since elementary school this guy had been doing this. Jr. HS and we kissed, we walked holding hands, blah... HS when he sent that last message I said alright, he's serious. Let me see what this is about. I ended up transferring to the same school as him and it was a disaster. MANY girls were claiming him. But supposedly he was only claiming me *insert eye roll*


So, I'm legit playing it cool. Watching him to see if he was gonna tighten up. Some people say he did-- it was subjective to me. Depends on who was looking. This was during the time where those double plated name plates were really popular. So I'm hearing that he has mine as well as others.... so I straight told him. Look, I'm here now, idk what you're doing but you're not gonna wear my chain along with so and so because I like my chain and I need it back. He was like alright I'll stop wearing the other chains. So in comes the hate train from the "others"- I can still hear the saucy gossip now--- "who does she think she is"??? I mean I thought it was a reasonable ask. After all, he was supposed to be MY boyfriend. From that young age, I knew that I had to play these types of issues cool. I really didn't think much of fighting over a guy. So I gave no response. I took back my authority by telling him how I felt. He listened and that was it. So I thought. Me and boyfriend really didn't do much- we never had sex, which to me was odd because I knew he had had sex... he WOULD NOT do it with me. We went back and forth over this and he gave me his insight on why. I knew that he was smashing ALL of the girls who's name plates he was wearing and of course it looked like I was part of that list too. Nope not true.

Anyhow, I had my interests and he had his, we sometimes went out in groups, I went to his house he went to mine. He was big in entertainment and wanted to pursue that. I supported it, but I wasn't phased. I was more athletic and ran track.

I really wasn't doing so well on the team, I couldn't find which race suited me, but getting to the point... I befriended the team. One girl in particular I reallly vibed with. Y'all she was a JUDAS. (No relation to me being anything NEAR Jesus Christ).

She would ask me questions about my relationship, using me to get close to him- and I fell for it. I've never been the insecure type. We were all there, there was nothing I could do to stop him from seeing girls. Honestly, I was feeling stagnant in the "relationship" and I was ready to discover something different. I didn't set out on it, but it happened. Ok, so I'm still struggling in track the girl was a STAR she held the record in the school in her race at that time. She was a year behind me, so she was killing it. I admired her, she was gifted and I was happy to see her shine.

Never did I think that she would be plotting the way she was. Now boyfriend and I spoke about her, and she could make him laugh... which wasn't my strong suit back then, I was like the saint. So I asked him, what do you like about her? He was like oh she's cool, she's raw. Ok... I knew that I could never be raw, not at that time so I just let it go.

I started working at a video store and I really enjoyed it. I was tapping into talents that I never thought would be recognized -- @ksimonethehorrormaven 😁

Plus I met a nice young man over there that showed me he wanted to be in my space in a different way. The way that I wanted it to be.

So, back at school everyone is like "Krissy "star" is really pressing up on bf" along with this other girl-- she never liked me, idk.

I was like ok, I wasn't really missing affection, I was getting it at work.

Y'all, the tale that I was told goes like this, sis gave it up to him from like day one, and apparently laid it down so well that this girl went and out his name on her nails, like I'd never find out. You know what I did?? Nothing is what I did.

I think that bothered bf-- he approached ME and was talking breezy!!!!

Hey, so I know you're not happy with me; you don't smile when you see me at all. You don't laugh at my jokes, you don't want to be seen with me, so imma let you go and be happy. Are you happy? Who is making you happy? That lame nigga? Ok, all I want is for you to be happy. Even if it's not with me. I love you and I always will.

I'm like okkkkkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyyy well sis with the nails really didn't help the situation. But ok. I want you to be happy too. There was a slight back and forth, but I wasn't with it.

Now don't get me wrong, he was not a bad guy by any means. I know he cared, but it just wasn't hitting like how it used to.

I never said anything to sis to this day.


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