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3 things that you need to know about yourself

Hey ponderers... I was thinking about how cool would it be if we knew ourselves so well that we could literally navigate through life without anger, worry or fear. This is not something that I think any of us are truly capable of doing, but wouldn't it be cool?? Or no??

Anyhow, according to me, here are 3 things that you should know, understand and embrace about yourself.

  1. What makes you happy?

Ok, let me be clear on this one, happiness is subjective and just because something is making you happy now, may not mean that in a month it'll have the same effect. Also, I need to add that for me, I do deny myself from things that make me happy sometimes because I find myself searching for a greater understanding of what my purpose is here-- I don't believe that with the way the world is that I will see happiness often, but I also feel that there is nothing wrong within reason with doing something(s) that make you happy.

This is a loaded question- what nurtures your spirit? What is that something that you do, smell, gaze upon or actively do to bring that euphoric feeling to you? What is that something that all you have to do is think of it and it carries you throughout the day? Sometimes I believe it's essential to nurture your spirit- if you'd like to have a somewhat normal life. I deny myself to keep myself humble,

2. What are your values?

When I ask that, I'm provoking you to think about what keeps you grounded. Are you a saver of money or a spender? Hard worker or resourceful? Are you more open minded or more traditional? Do you prefer freedom or loyalty? These things guide and shape your life. It's valuable for you to know and understand these things about yourself. We live in such different times now where people have priorities stacked up completely backwards from how our predecessors did. I feel that one's path has a lot to do with understanding what their values and morals are. Like, are you completely loyal to chasing the bag, or are you willing to be completely loyal to a husband that you trust will take care of the family?

BOTH have their fair share of risk factors. Or maybe you want to do both-- which yes, also poses risks. Thinking and being honest about what your values are will most likely lead you through a less difficult path on through your life. I am in no way saying that anyone's life will be easy. I haven't heard one person say oh yeah this life thing is a piece of cake. Sorry to break it to ya.

3. How do you handle stress?

This is a big one. Do you know that stress leads to all different types of chronic illnesses? Heart disease, cancer (this one in particular I despise) it's taking someone away that I care for right now at this moment; respiratory illnesses, I can go down an entire gambit of illnesses and show you proof of the link between it and stress. Goal is to try to deal with stress in a healthy way- what is that though? Does it mean for you tackling your triggers right as they occur and neutralizing them if applicable? Or would you rather wait until you're in a better mental or emotional headspace to strategize and tackle stress that way?

I'm somewhat in the middle... depends on the stressor- for all of my life I've held my peace sometimes it was easy and the better option, but sometimes a different plan of action might've neutralized the trigger or stressor. When I think back, I should've taken mostly all of them head on and got rid of the stressor-- But is every trigger meant to be neutralized? Is some stress healthy? The answer is yes. If you're running into work late, anyone's natural response is usually to stress a little bit to keep them aware of the danger that comes along with speedy driving.

The goal is to stay resilient under stress, whether you're like me and think that a cooler head may prevail, or one that gets to the stressor and eliminates it (if applicable) you must take it and accept it for what it is, change it if you can, if you can tolerate do or if you cannot than don't- move on and keep intention onto the next, it certainly is coming.

Thanks for tuning in. I appreciate each read, and thanks for every comment and/ or response. I really appreciate you all.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Kay 😘😘😘😘

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